The Buddy Holly Story Quotes

Buddy Holly: Boo!
Maria Elena Holly: Oh you scared me half to death!
Buddy Holly: Where're ya goin?
Maria Elena Holly: I'm working
Buddy Holly: Have you been getting anything special in the mail lately?
Maria Elena Holly: Yes and I don't mean to be rude Buddy but I just don't want to encourage you.
Buddy Holly: Why not?
Maria Elena Holly: There's no point going into it, just take my word. I think you're very sweet and thank you for the roses but now you're about to ask me out and I...
Buddy Holly: Wait, just wait a minute, just wait a minute, let me explain one thing to you. I have never, ever chased after a girl before in my life and it feels funny to me. Now if you're not gonna go out with me I wanna know why. You do like me don't you?
Maria Elena Holly: Yeah, I'm fond of you.
Buddy Holly: Well then what's the hold up?
Maria Elena Holly: My aunt.
Buddy Holly: Your aunt? Mrs Santiago in the publishing department? She doesn't even know me!
Maria Elena Holly: It doesn't matter. You are a musician. And under no circumstances am I allowed to go out with a musician. I'm sorry.
Buddy Holly: Well let me go talk to her.
Maria Elena Holly: It won't do any good. That's not her only objection and you know it.
Buddy Holly: Well what is the other objection?
Maria Elena Holly: I'm Puerto Rican. And you're, you're not.
Buddy Holly: So I'll change my name to Chihuahua
Maria Elena Holly: My aunt is ve

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