The Water Babies Quotes

Elly: [When Ellie first meets Tom] Aren't you frightened of being in the dark?
Tom: Sometimes... but I'm more afraid or Mr. Grimes.
Elly: Mr. Grimes?
Tom: Clouts me.
Elly: Clouts you?
Tom: Hits me... regularly... 'cross the ear 'ole.
Elly: Why don't you tell your parents?
Tom: Me what?
Elly: Your Mother and Father.
Tom: Ain't got no mum or dad.

Movie: The Water Babies
Tom: [running back and forth on the roof] Me brush! Where's me brush! I'll get clouted if I can't find me brush!

Movie: The Water Babies
Tom: [walks over to Mr. Grimes who is drunk on the donkey] Where's this then Mr. Grimes?
Mr. Grimes: [slurred] "Where's this then?" China! Where does tha think? Yorkshire! Can't tha see it's Yorkshire?
Tom: I know it's Yorkshire, Mr. Grimes!
Mr. Grimes: Well then. [donkey brays]
Tom: I never seen it clean before.
Mr. Grimes: We're in the country!
Tom: Oh, is that what they call it? Lovely, innit Mr.Grimes? [looks around]

Movie: The Water Babies