The Boys of St. Vincent - 15 Years Later Quotes

Caller: [after Monsignor Forucco named a deceased Deputy Minister as the man he dealt with] So the dead guy did it! Is that it, Lenora?
Lenora: Well, that sure seems to be the case, doesn't it? For so far the only government official who's been implicated, and the only person that ANYONE can remember being at ANY meetings, for those who can remember anything at all, was the Deputy Minister of Justice, the late, the VERY late, Jerome Ward.
Caller: I sure wish the dead could talk. Who knows what they'd have to say.
Lenora: That's certainly true, caller.
Caller: Well, the inquiry's still going on. I wonder who they're gonna call up next?
Lenora: I'd be calling the Ghostbusters if I were them.

Movie: The Boys of St. Vincent - 15 Years Later
Chantal: [after hearing Kevin Reevey's testimony and being accosted by an angry mob] Didn't you feel anything, listening to that testimony?
Peter Lavin: Yes, I did! I felt what a martyr I've been all my life. First to those lying little bastards, and now to you.
Chantal: You feel no guilt? No shame?
Peter Lavin: Kevin Reevey was a lonely little boy whom I befriended out of the kindness of my heart. I loved him.
Chantal: You loved him? You call THAT love?
Peter Lavin: Yes, I do.
Chantal: No! That is not loving! That is hurting! You have hurt this little boy. I could KILL YOU!
Chantal: [pause] I am going to ask this only once! Have you ever touched our children?
Peter Lavin: Why don't you ask them yourself. They're your children.
Chantal: That's right! They're MY children! They are no longer your children!

Movie: The Boys of St. Vincent - 15 Years Later