Session 9 Quotes

Henry: [motioning to Jeff's blaring stereo] Mikey didn't tell you about these?
Jeff: What?
Henry: Rule one: Music created sonic vibrations. Vibrations jiggle spooj dust into the air. It gets into the air, it gets into your lungs. This music you plannin' on listening to?
Jeff: Yeah...
Henry: Yeah, you tryin' to kill us all? Either turn it off or put on something else. Like Yanni, or John Tesh or something. [leaves]
Jeff: Who's Yanni?

Movie: Session 9
Bill Griggs: This is where they'd keep the extreme patients. The psychotics... You know what they called Ward A? "The snake pit."... Either of you guys scared of the dark? Come on, over here. [Bill Griggs and Phil walk away together]
Mary Hobbes: [disembodied voice of Simon] Hello... Gordon.
Phil: [calling from a distance] Gordy? [shining flashlight]
Phil: It's me, man! Come on!

Movie: Session 9
Gordon: What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
Phil: Well, I would have to say introducing Hank to Amy. That was pretty ****ing stupid. I'd like to have that one back.

Movie: Session 9
Mary Hobbes: [On tape as "Princess"] Mary got a doll, and Peter got a big old knife!

Movie: Session 9
Mike: I need you to go downstairs and check the breaker box.
Jeff: ...I can't do that.
Mike: Why?
Jeff: I got nyctophobia.
Mike: What?
Jeff: Fear of the dark.
Mike: [incredulous] Okay... [pause]
Mike: I'll go check the breaker box. You... just try not to break anything, okay Mullet-head?

Movie: Session 9