Tango and Cash Quotes

Gabriel Cash: No, no, wait! I got it! It's Lopez!

Movie: Tango and Cash
Owen: [unable to see the chaos outside the car] Cash what was that noise?
Gabriel Cash: Don't worry Owen, just a couple speed bumps.

Movie: Tango and Cash
Ray Tango: I've got good news and bad news.
Gabriel Cash: What's the bad news?
Ray Tango: We're almost out of gas.
Gabriel Cash: What's the good news?
Ray Tango: We're ALMOST out of gas.

Movie: Tango and Cash
Ray Tango: Why just use your Plan A?
Gabriel Cash: Because it's a hell of a lot better than your Plan B, which you don't even have.

Movie: Tango and Cash
[Conan arrives to the laundry full of vengeful prisoners]
Ray Tango: Oh ****, it's Conan.
Gabriel Cash: What?
Ray Tango: It's Conan.
Gabriel Cash: Are we gonna get F.U.B.A.R now?
Ray Tango: What the hell is F.U.B.A.R?
Gabriel Cash: You'll see.
Face: Real bad ass cops. You don't look so tough now, do you? DO YOU, YOU ****? Out on the streets, this pig with his cop friend, broke my ribs, my leg and my jaw. [tsks at Tango]
Gabriel Cash: You broke that jaw?
Ray Tango: He deserved it.

Movie: Tango and Cash
[watching TV footage of Tango in action]
Yves Perret: Oh, God. Ray Tango. How he loves to dance. He waltzes in and takes all my drugs, then tangos back out again.

Movie: Tango and Cash