Take Me Home Tonight Quotes

Matt Franklin: Shut the fuck up and drive. I'm Matt Franklin. I work at Suncoast video at the mall and I still live with my parents. I don't know what I'm doing up here. I'm scared. And you know what... I have been so afraid of my life, that I have missed my life. But I'm like all of you. We're all scared. We're all trying to be something that were not. But tonight all of that changes. Tonight, I'm not afraid. Tonight, I got one thing to say to all that bullshit. Fuck it.

Movie: Take Me Home Tonight
Matt Franklin: Tonight we're not thinking... just doing.

Movie: Take Me Home Tonight
Matt Franklin: I'm... I'm just messed up, OK? I don't know what I want to do. And I'm sorry I'm such a fucking failure!
Bill Franklin: You haven't really failed, son, because you haven't really tried to succeed. So don't credit yourself as a failure. You're worse than that.
Matt Franklin: I just can't figure it out, Dad.
Bill Franklin: Don't cry like that in jail, son.

Movie: Take Me Home Tonight
Carlos: Can you guys move? I'm trying to fuckin' party here.

Movie: Take Me Home Tonight
Tori Frederking: [seductively]Dare. Come over here, and bring your lips as close to mine as possible, without touching.
Matt Franklin: Truth. Are you messing with me right now?
Tori Frederking: [smiling]Dare. Come and find out. [after a moment of hesitation, Matt laughs and starts scooting over]
Tori Frederking: Come onnn. [they both laugh nervously]
Matt Franklin: Is that good?
Tori Frederking: No... Come closer. [they bring their faces really close]
Tori Frederking: What's that sound?
Matt Franklin: I think that's my heart... Beating like, really fast [laughs]
Tori Frederking: [almost whispering]Dare me to make it go faster.
Matt Franklin: I double dare you. [they start kissing]

Movie: Take Me Home Tonight