Synchronicity Quotes

Jim Beale: Time is a great teacher, that eventually kills all of its students.

Movie: Synchronicity
Chuck: Time travel made that guy a real asshole.

Movie: Synchronicity
[first lines] Jim Beale: [from control booth]Balance metric pressure at 057.
Matty: [working in full suit]Metric pressure sustaining 057. Releasing valves.
Jim Beale: Prepare to load M.R.D.
Matty: Radioactivity meters online, ready for exposure.

Movie: Synchronicity
Chuck: We've been at this for 72 hours straight. Only two more till we go live. I'll get you some more coffee. Coffee, amphetamines, more coffee. You're gonna kill yourself.
Jim Beale: We are precious moments from a topological anomaly.
Chuck: Is that what I should tell everyone at your funeral?
Jim Beale: No. You signed a confidentiality agreement.

Movie: Synchronicity
Jim Beale: How did you get here?
Abby: In a car. How did you get here?
Jim Beale: You didn't just walk through a wormhole?
Abby: You're making me feel like I did.

Movie: Synchronicity
Jim Beale: Time is our only real currency.

Movie: Synchronicity
Jim Beale: How do I know I can really trust you?
Abby: How do I know I can really trust you?
Jim Beale: The ID number matches the one that came through the wormhole. But that's probably just a coincidence.
Abby: You people don't believe in coincidences.
Jim Beale: Sure we do. Yeah. Einstein himself said that they're God's way of remaining anonymous.

Movie: Synchronicity
Jim Beale: Matty, you ever been to a Native American orgy?
Matty: No.
Jim Beale: It's fucking intense.
Matty: I don't get it.

Movie: Synchronicity