Sunday Bloody Sunday Quotes

Alex: Is this milk all right for Bob to drink?
Lucy: It's mummy's.
Alex: I'm sure she won't mind.
Lucy: It's *mummy's*, for John-Stuart. He's not *weaned* yet.
Alex: Oh.
Bob: [gags] Oh, my God.

Movie: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Aunt Astrid: Daniel, darling. You're looking very spruce. [intercepts a canapé]
Aunt Astrid: Have one of these. Now, tell me when are *you* going to give us all a nice surprise?
Daniel: [baffled] Auntie...
Aunt Astrid: Still holding out on us... well, it's terribly selfish of you. You *are* going to be very, very lonely...
Daniel: I just haven't found the right person yet.

Movie: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bob: We're free to do what we want.
Alex: Darling... other people often do what they don't want to do at all.

Movie: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Mrs. Greville: A hippie? Oh, I like hippies! They hate business and competitiveness... I think that's what has always attracted me to them.

Movie: Sunday Bloody Sunday