Submergence Quotes

James More: Death. It gets very real when you're watching somebody die in front of you. You're thinking, is this all I am? Is this all I added up to? And all the clichÚs are true. You're thinking, why now? Why did it have to be... this happen, before I realize what life truly is? It's direct, it's immediate, and it's their whole life exposed to you.
Danielle Flinders: Did you think about your own death a lot?
James More: I did, and I do.
Danielle Flinders: I've heard people telling me that they've had those exact same thoughts when they fell in love.
James More: No, you don't die when you fall in love.

Movie: Submergence
James More: I think you're following me.
Danielle Flinders: Or you're following me in advance.

Movie: Submergence
Dr. Shadid: I am a doctor.
James More: Who keeps company with killers.

Movie: Submergence
Danielle Flinders: I've thought about bodies buried at sea. It's not dust to dust, that's for sure. It's water to water.

Movie: Submergence
Saif: Jihad is life after death.

Movie: Submergence