Still Mine Quotes

Craig Morrison: Age is an abstraction, not a straitjacket.

Movie: Still Mine
Irene Morrison: When I was young, I looked at old people and thought, if you live long enough you've probably had time to figure out dying. But I'm no closer now to the great mystery than when I was 10.
Craig Morrison: You see that as a problem, do ya?
Irene Morrison: We'll find out, soon enough.

Movie: Still Mine
Ruth: How did the checkup go?
Craig Morrison: Clean bill of health for both of us.
Ruth: Really? The doctor didn't say anything about her memory?
Craig Morrison: I forgot to ask him.

Movie: Still Mine
Craig Morrison: I could use a good man with a tape measure, if you think you're up to it.
Gavin: It depends.
Craig Morrison: On what?
Gavin: Is this a paying job?
Craig Morrison: Depends.
Gavin: On what?
Craig Morrison: If you're any good or not.

Movie: Still Mine
[first lines]Craig Morrison: Mr. Morrison, you are here because you are in contempt of court.

Movie: Still Mine
Craig Morrison: Say, how's that chest cold of yours? Sure you don't need me to work the backhoe?
John: It's walking pneumonia, dad.
Craig Morrison: Where I come from, if you can walk, it's not pneumonia.
John: I the rest of us could rely on strength and character instead of Universal Health Care, the world would be a better place.

Movie: Still Mine
Craig Morrison: Remember when we met?
Irene Morrison: Yes, of course. You were drunk.
Craig Morrison: No, I wasn't drunk. Tipsy.
Irene Morrison: You threw up on my sister, Jeret.
Craig Morrison: I ate something that didn't agree with me.
Irene Morrison: A glass of whiskey is what you ate.

Movie: Still Mine
Craig Morrison: You know, I would have been way ahead of the game if I'd just gone ahead and built the house without ever asking for a permit.
John: Yeah, and I have been much happier if I'd just stuck you in an old folks home.
Craig Morrison: That's funny, I was just about to propose the same thing to you. I could check into some options if you don't mind.
John: Yeah, let's go in together. Get a group rate.

Movie: Still Mine
[last lines]Irene Morrison: Look at this hair. How long since your last haircut?
Craig Morrison: It's been a while. It's been a while.
Ttitle Card: Craig celebrated his ninety-first Christmas in his new house.
Ttitle Card: Irene was by his side.

Movie: Still Mine