Shining Time Station Quotes

Billy Twofeathers: [looking over at him] You know, Mr. Hume... Where I come from we have a name for people like you. We call 'em bigots. But um, when they come here they don't seem to stay that long. Not at Shining Time Station. And they don't seem to come back.

Movie: Shining Time Station
J.B. King: In fact, not only do you pass the inspection, but Shining Time Station WINS! [as everyone cheers, he picks up the picture of Mr. Conductor]
J.B. King: On one condition. May I have this?

Movie: Shining Time Station
Mr. Conductor: So, as you can see: Some of the most surprising things can happen when you stand up to what you believe. And speaking of believing, it's time to be leaving. [disappears]

Movie: Shining Time Station
Stacy Jones: Nobody can be that bad.
Matt, Tanya: Vicki can!
Stacy Jones: Come on, you guys. She must have some good qualities. Think about it. Come on, you two.
Matt: Well, both her eyes are the same color.
Tanya: She never threw up on me.
Stacy Jones: Tanya!

Movie: Shining Time Station
Stacy Jones: Well Schemer, I hope you learned something from this.
Schemer: Yeah, never order anything out of the back of a comic book again.
Stacy Jones: What else?
Schemer: Um, never introduce a robot to a juke box?

Movie: Shining Time Station
The Mayor of East Shemp: And tell Mr. Schemer that if he doesn't have a new, improved version of his sandwich-spread in time for lunch, he's in big trouble. And not only with me, but also with every one of the Friends of the Flowering Cactus Ladies Auxiliary, and that's not funny. Believe me; I speak from experience.

Movie: Shining Time Station