Shattered Quotes

Amy Brand: Have you noticed the way Steve's phone has been ringing lately? Did you see all those editors at the correspondence dinner? The way they were circling him?
Caitlin Avey: Is that what you want, Amy? To get a bunch of smoke blown up your ass by a pack of editors?
Amy Brand: Yes. Yes it is.

Movie: Shattered
Chuck Lane: He handed us fiction after fiction, and we printed them all as fact. Just because we found him entertaining.

Movie: Shattered
Dan Merrick: You know what I like best about amnesia?
Judith Merrick: What?
Dan Merrick: After seven years of marriage, I get to fall in love with you all over again.

Movie: Shattered
Gus Klein: So your wife had an affair. You've never had an affair, Mr. Merrick?
Dan Merrick: As a matter of fact, I have. But I'm not sure with who.
Gus Klein: [laughing] That could keep a guy on his toes, huh?

Movie: Shattered
Mary: See? Now we're both naked as jaybirds and you've got the gun.

Movie: Shattered