Relative Fear Quotes

Clive: [Upon catching sight of the photographs that show him shooting Manny] Well I guess there's no point in keeping up pre-tenses
Linda Pratman: Who are you?
Clive: I'm the boy's father
Linda Pratman: Garry Madison? But they said you died?
Clive: Surprise
Clive: [Indicating to Adam] He's doing great isn't he?
Linda Pratman: You Killed Manny
Clive: [Defensivley] He was bothering my kid
Linda Pratman: And Margaret... and Daddy?
Clive: You were always what I pictured as a mother who could care for my son... but mothers are a dime a dozen... I know I had ten growing up in those damed foster homes.

Movie: Relative Fear
[last lines]
Henry Pratman: Hey Adam I've got a new game for us to play but you need a stick. [Adam ignores him]
Henry Pratman: Come on Adam get a stick [no response]
Henry Pratman: I'm King Arthur and this is excaliber on guard [Adam still isn't listening]
Henry Pratman: Come on Adam get a stick [Adam finally swings round glaring at Henry]
Adam Pratman: [Holding a gun shaped stick on Henry] [last lines with a cold snear]
Adam Pratman: Bang your dead!

Movie: Relative Fear