Pure Country Quotes

Lula Rogers: If is wasn't for me, you would probably still be singing in some run-down rat hole for a bunch of fat cowgirls from Iowa.
Dusty Wyatt Chandler: Yeah, and if it wasn't for me, you would probably be a waitress there.

Movie: Pure Country
Waitress: [to Dusty, who has just walked in clean-shaven and with a haircut] Hey you.
Dusty Wyatt Chandler: [guarded... thinking he's been found] Hello.
Waitress: Haven't seen you around before. [Dusty doesn't answer]
Waitress: You new?
Dusty Wyatt Chandler: Yeah. [more relaxed knowing the waitress doesn't recognize him]
Dusty Wyatt Chandler: Brand new.
Waitress: Well, welcome.
Dusty Wyatt Chandler: [smiles] Well, thanks.

Movie: Pure Country