Puddle Cruiser Quotes

Emily: Felix, I don't think anything's happening.
Felix Bean: It'll happen, Don't worry, I'm on top of it.
Emily: On top of the aurora borealis?

Movie: Puddle Cruiser
Felix Bean: Oh, I'll show tasty bait.

Movie: Puddle Cruiser
Felix Bean: Well, there's no way she heard that.
Zach: How do you know?
Felix Bean: She would have called by now. [Phone begins to ring]
Felix Bean: I'm not here.
Grogan: Me neither.
Zach: Me neither.
Freaky Reaky: Me neither.
Matt: Me neither.
Grogan: [On answering machine] Greetings earthing. At the lazor please record your communication... And take me to your leader [Lazor sounds on recording]
Matt: That is the funniest message I've ever heard.

Movie: Puddle Cruiser