Operation Pacific Quotes

'Pop' Perry: Take her down!

Movie: Operation Pacific
Cmdr. Steele: [whispering to keep babies from crying] I heard every word you said. I've been trying to keep my nose out of your business, but I can't stand by and watch you make a fool of yourself any longer.
Lt. Mary Stuart: Commander Steele...
Cmdr. Steele: Be quiet and listen. Of course he comes to you when he wants to play, where do you want him to go? Some other woman? You married him for what he was and then tried to change him. Well, you couldn't, and you never will. You began to feel sorry for yourself, You don't need me... maybe I shouldn't have let you shut me out What kind of silly talk is that? And what does *pride* have to do with love? Don't worry, he won't be happy, but more important. [loudly]
Cmdr. Steele: He won't be back!

Movie: Operation Pacific