Not Quite Lyin' Eyes Quotes

Logan Trotter: So, sometimes nurses and Med Techs are mortal enemies. That could make ya kinda confused.
Brenda Garling: [applying for nursing position]Maybe I was confused already.

Movie: Not Quite Lyin' Eyes
Logan Trotter: We took Latin class seriously. We'd go to a cornfield Kegger and practice our irregular verbs. Sum, esse, [spits]
Logan Trotter: fui. Possum, posse, [spits]
Logan Trotter: potui.

Movie: Not Quite Lyin' Eyes
Connor Long: We used to have a good time, as kids, at family reunions, right?
Stephanie: You pulled my braids. Smashed my doll. Put a spider down my back. You never let the girls play softball with the boys. And the year we had the reunion at the beach, you held my head underwater, and tried to peek into the girls' changing room.
Connor Long: Aside from that?

Movie: Not Quite Lyin' Eyes
Brenda's Father: I dreamed of giving you away, dressed in white.
Brenda Garling: Why would you wanna be dressed in white?

Movie: Not Quite Lyin' Eyes
Lois Drake: What's your name?
Jessie: Jessie.
Lois Drake: What does he pay you in? Barbie dolls? Tricycles?
Connor Long: Here, Jessie. One carton today, 'cuz we got interrupted. Get outta here.
Lois Drake: Don't feel bad. He pays me in stretch marks.

Movie: Not Quite Lyin' Eyes