Night of the Ghouls Quotes

Leader of the Dead: Good evening, Dr. Acula. We have been expecting you.
Karl: Who are you?
Leader of the Dead: You ask who we are, yet it was you who called for our return.
Karl: This is impossible! I hired actors to play the dead. You're not my actors!
Leader of the Dead: Your powers were even stronger than you yourself realized. You have brought us back from the grave. Once every 13 years, when called by a strong medium such as you, we are given a brief 12 hours of freedom from our deep pit of darkness. Those few hours are almost gone. We must return to the grave. You will accompany us there.

Movie: Night of the Ghouls
Narrator: Lieutenant Bradford found the staircase, a staircase he remembered so well from the days long ago when he had been investigating the mad scientist and his monsters. The skylight where he had once entered, long ago, now was barred, foiling entry or exit. He remembered the cold, clammy sensation of the railing. Cold, clammy, like the dead. Yes, the railing was the same as he remembered it, perhaps colder, perhaps more startling. His mind fought to dwell in the present, yet it continued to deal with the past. One could almost read his thoughts.
Lt. Daniel Bradford: It's only a metal railing. Huh. Guess probably this Dr. Acula character has that railing rigged up too. Now, if I remember right, the floor above has a lot of storerooms. Maybe I can find something there to go on. [takes a couple of steps]
Lt. Daniel Bradford: Well, that's strange, the ringing of the staircase is so much louder at night than during the day. [climbs to top of stairs]
Lt. Daniel Bradford: Well, one of Dr. Acula's storerooms. Lighting equipment, props, scenery, sets, and an old organ. Now, what a theater group could do with these!

Movie: Night of the Ghouls