National Security Quotes

Earl: [after firing two shots an an old lady's car, making it skid to a halt] Ma'am, you may now, reprocure, your vehicle. [the car instantly explodes]

Movie: National Security
Earl: Your partner got killed. You lost your job. You went to jail. Your wife walked. You know what you are, Hank? You're a black man.

Movie: National Security
[Earl is trying to reach for the keys in his car and Hank is walking up to him]
Hank: Need some help?
Earl: Are you asking me if I need some help or am I stealing this car?
Hank: Are you stealing this car?
Earl: Does it look like I'm stealing this damn car?
Hank: A little bit.
Earl: Why cause I'm black? If you saw a white guy doing this you'd give him a reward.
Hank: Let me see your license.
Earl: I ain't showin' you a damn thing! This is my car and I didn't do anything wrong. You owe me an apology.
Hank: You're in dangerous grounds here bub, I'd be careful what comes out of your mouth next!
Earl: Oh, you want to hear what comes out of my mouth next, your... a... ****ing... pig!

Movie: National Security