Naked As We Came Quotes

Laura Garcia: You... you lost a lot of weight.
Lilly: I know. It's my coffee and cancer diet. I'm gonna write a book.

Movie: Naked As We Came
Ted Kingsley: You're brother was telling me that your father hated this place. I can't imagine that.
Laura Garcia: My father didn't hate this place. He hated my mother.
Ted Kingsley: Well, that must have made for some hilarious dinner conversation.

Movie: Naked As We Came
Elliot: I wish I was still in college.
Lilly: Growing up doesn't agree with you?

Movie: Naked As We Came
Lilly: I remember when you were a kid. We signed you up for swimming lessons, and when we got there, you saw that some of the other kids could swim better than you. That was it. You were done. If you couldn't win, you didn't want to play - ever.
Elliot: Any other FUN little childhood stories you want to share?
Lilly: That's my fear for you, that you never try anything out of your comfort zone.
Elliot: I do plenty outside my comfort zone.
Lilly: Good, but next time an opportunity comes up, throw yourself into it. See what happens, okay?

Movie: Naked As We Came
Elliot: [lying in bed with Ted]I think this may have been a poor choice on my part.
Ted Kingsley: Wow, I can't believe you just said that out loud.

Movie: Naked As We Came
Laura Garcia: Look, what is this need for you to have a man at all times? It's sad.

Movie: Naked As We Came
Lilly: Oh, honey, you can't take any of it with you. It's all just things. And in the end, we all leave te same way we came in - naked and alone.
Laura Garcia: Who's feeding you all this bullshit?

Movie: Naked As We Came
Lilly: Honey, I lost the love of my life. You don't have to.
Laura Garcia: You should have told Daddy that while he was alive.
Lilly: I didn't mean your father.

Movie: Naked As We Came