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Ralph Hughes: Marion, darling. How do you feel? Why, you look better this morning, much better! Doesn't she, Mother?
Mrs. Hughes: Indeed she does!
Julia Ross: My name isn't Marion, and I'm not married to you or anyone. I was engaged as a secretary! Now what does this all mean? Why did we leave London?
Mrs. Hughes: You haven't forgotten us again, have you, Marion?
Julia Ross: I'm not Marion, and you know it.
Mrs. Hughes: All right, dear. Let's not argue. Let's just have our tea, and perhaps another nap, and then you'll feel much better.
Ralph Hughes: I'm afraid it's cold.
Mrs. Hughes: Alice, bring some more hot water quickly, please.
Alice: Yes, mum.
Julia Ross: I don't know what this is all about, but I promise you some very serious trouble unless you stop it immediately. You know perfectly well I'm Julia Ross.
Mrs. Hughes: Marion, dear, please don't excite yourself so. You'll just bring on another attack.
Julia Ross: Attack? Attack of what?
Mrs. Hughes: Nerves, dear, just nerves. Oh, we do so want you to know you're with your own family!
Julia Ross: Nonsense!
Ralph Hughes: Marion, darling! [He grasps her by her arm]
Ralph Hughes: Control yourself!
Julia Ross: Let me go.
Mrs. Hughes: We're doing everything in our power to make you well again.
Julia Ross: [Ralph's grasp becomes painful] Let me go! If you don't stop this, I'll have you arrested! [Clearly Ralph's grip is unbearable]
Julia Ross

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Ralph Hughes: It's all Marion's fault. She shouldn't have cried.
Mrs. Hughes: Ralph, you never told me - was it an accident, or did you intend to kill her after she made her will?
Ralph Hughes: I didn't plan it. I liked her well enough, but when she found out I'd been lying about my income, she accused me of marrying her for her money. I said of course that was what I'd married her for. Then she cried. She was always crying. Then she slapped me. I had my knife in my hand, and I... [He begins slashing at the sofa cushion with his knife, slicing it over and over]
Mrs. Hughes: Stop it, stop it!
Ralph Hughes: Don't do that!
Mrs. Hughes: Put that away! Ralph, I'm trying to help you.
Ralph Hughes: I still say we should have called the police and told them a prowler broke in and killed her.
Mrs. Hughes: With the marks of your fingers on her? The scratches on your face?

Movie: My Name Is Julia Ross