Mou gaan dou Quotes

Chan Wing Yan: Should I salute you?
Lau Kin Ming: No, don't. How long have you been an undercover?
Chan Wing Yan: I've followed Sam for 3 years; I had several other bosses before. All together, it's been 10 years
Lau Kin Ming: 10 years? I should salute you, instead.
Chan Wing Yan: I just want an identity. I want to be a normal man.
Lau Kin Ming: Getting tired?
Chan Wing Yan: You've never been a mole. You won't understand. Too bad I still can't find the stooge. I'll take him down if I've found him.
Lau Kin Ming: Don't worry. Let me give you back your identity, I'll open your file, but I don't have the password.
Chan Wing Yan: What's the Morse Code for undercover?

Movie: Mou gaan dou
Lau Kin Ming: [raising his hands to police officers] I'm a cop.

Movie: Mou gaan dou
Mary: I can't finish the novel, I don't know whether he's good or bad.

Movie: Mou gaan dou