Copacabana Quotes

Carmen Novarro: Why are you always chasing women?
Lionel Q. Deveraux: I'll tell you as soon as I catch one.

Movie: Copacabana
Steve Hunt: Do I know you?
Lionel Q. Deveraux: Do you know me? Lionel Q. Deveraux, your old room mate at Yale?
Steve Hunt: I never went to Yale.
Lionel Q. Deveraux: Remember those good old days at Erasmus High?
Steve Hunt: I never went to Erasmus High.
Lionel Q. Deveraux: At least you do remember when we graduated from PS 27?
Steve Hunt: No.
Lionel Q. Deveraux: Say, for a man with no education, you've done alright.

Movie: Copacabana
Tony Starr: [Improving a musical arrangement for Lola] We'll change the keys! That always works.

TV Show: Copacabana