Meatballs Part II Quotes

Jamie: Fanny. Fanny? Open the door, Fanny.
Fanny: What is it? Oh itâ??s you. Get in here before someone sees you.
Jamie: Fanny, I'm sorry about yesterday.
Fanny: Sorry doesn't cut it. Now everyone will think I'm easy.
Jamie: No they won't.
Fanny: Yes they will. They'll think that all I have on my mind is sex and pinkies. I have a reputation to maintain!
Jamie: Fanny please, I'm really sorry.
Fanny: How could you tell people. And Albert, of all the people.
Jamie: Fanny, look...
Fanny: He probably told everyone.
Jamie: No he didn't. I spoke to him.
Fanny: Really? You probably told him all about me and my breasts.
Jamie: No I didn't.
Fanny: I see the way he stares at them.
Jamie: No no. It was nothing like that. He told me that he didn't tell anyone about it. He said he was sorry for the joke.
Fanny: Really?
Jamie: Yeah. He even let me have a home made brownie as a peace offering.
Fanny: Really?
Jamie: Yeah. No one's anything.
Fanny: Are you sure?
Jamie: Yeah. I know things haven't been going well with us.
Fanny: If it isn't one thing, it's another.
Jamie: But I'm here to say I'm sorry.
Fanny: I guess it's not your fault. I love you for being careful.
Jamie: So what do we do now?

Movie: Meatballs Part II
Jamie: Nobody knows we're here. This is a great place.
Fanny: Not like that spot last summer?
Jamie: Uh, no. No, no, no.
Fanny: All those kids! All those flashbulbs!
Jamie: Uh, no. No, no, no.
Fanny: Or that time down at the lake?
Jamie: Fanny, look, snakes only come out like that once a year.

Movie: Meatballs Part II