Latter Days Quotes

[final voiceover monologue]
Elder Aaron Davis: Sometimes it all still feels like a mass of dots. But more and more these days, I feel like we're all connected. And it's beautiful... and funny... and good.

Movie: Latter Days
Elder Aaron Davis: [about him being gay] What if it's not something I've done? What if it's who I am?
Sister Gladys Davis: [slaps him] Don't say that! Don't you ever even think that! [they both start crying]

Movie: Latter Days
Elder Aaron Davis: I didn't come to unload on you.
Lila: You gave me the opportunity once. Let me return the favor.
Elder Aaron Davis: All right after we met, I was sent home and excommunicated from my church... for being gay.
Lila: Your church doesn't like alcohol or homosexuals. Hmm... Well, I definitely won't be joining. Can't imagine heaven without both.

Movie: Latter Days
Elder Paul Ryder: God hates homos.
Christian Markelli: You're gonna come into my house and tell me God hates homosexuals?
Elder Aaron Davis: And the French.
Elder Paul Ryder: [puzzled] God hates the French?
Elder Aaron Davis: Everybody hates the French.

Movie: Latter Days
Elder Aaron Davis: [taking care of Christian's cut] This is going to sting a little. Funny, I'm not squeamish. In high school we went to this hospital. I was the only kid who wanted to watch the surgery. So they help me scrub down, and then they gave me a set of scrubs - you know, those green things? To put on and everything... got a Band-Aid? [Christian hands him some]
Elder Aaron Davis: So anyway, I got to watch as they opened this guy's chest. And there it was, this human heart, you know? This human heart. You think about it beating and all, but it's more of a dance. And I couldn't get over that that's all that tethers us to this planet - this one fragile muscle. And how it's so tiny, really, in the big scheme of things. And when you think about all the things that can stop it... Well you just figure that there's got to be something else, something miraculous that keeps that valiant little muscle dancing.

Movie: Latter Days
Sister Gladys Davis: His name was Christian, wasn't it?
Elder Aaron Davis: What?
Sister Gladys Davis: Was Christian the one? [a big smile appears on Aaron's face]
Sister Gladys Davis: What did he do to you?
Elder Aaron Davis: He... He loved me.

Movie: Latter Days