Juggernaut Quotes

Corrigan: Would you mind telling me why we're traveling in circles?
3rd Officer Jim Hardy: In circles, sir?
Corrigan: Yeah. A little while ago the waves were coming from the front of the ship, now they're coming from the side.
3rd Officer Jim Hardy: Well, it's that kind of sea, sir. North Atlantic, you know.
Corrigan: A half hour ago the sun was on the port side, now it's on the starboard - is it that kind of sun?
3rd Officer Jim Hardy: They must be checking the steering gauge - just routine.
Corrigan: Uh-huh. And about that explosion this morning?
3rd Officer Jim Hardy: Just blowing Number 2 Boiler, sir.
Corrigan: Buddy, I am by profession a politician: the mayor of a rather large city, as a matter of fact.
3rd Officer Jim Hardy: Yes, sir?
Corrigan: In my line of work you have to learn how to lie with remarkable precision. You also have to know how to recognize a lie when it bites you in the ass... and I have just been bitten.
3rd Officer Jim Hardy: I'll, uh, convey your complaint to the captain, sir.

Movie: Juggernaut
Dr. Victor Sartorius: [after hiring Joan Wyndham as his nurse] My man will show you out. He's listening at the door.

Movie: Juggernaut
Roger Clifford: He's here at my invitation and he'll go at mine.

Movie: Juggernaut