Jane Quotes

Guilford: So then we will.
Jane: Yes, we will.
Guilford: We'll fly.
Jane: We'll fly.
Guilford: Away, beyond their reach.
Jane: So far...
Guilford: Their touch can't tarnish us, and at last, we will be...
Jane: Nothing...
Guilford: Nobody...
Jane: Each other's.
Guilford: Only this time, forever.

Movie: Jane
Jane Eyre: Sir, I need to have a leave of absence for a week or two, to see a sick lady who's asked for me.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: What sick lady?
Jane Eyre: Her name is Reed. She's my uncle's wife.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: Uncle? You told me you had no family.
Jane Eyre: My aunt cast me out when I went away to school.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: Why?
Jane Eyre: Because I was poor. And she did not like me.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: And she sent you to Lowood without so much as a word or a visit in nearly ten years. So why does she suddenly want to see you now?
Jane Eyre: Her son John is dead. He ruined himself. She's now struck down with his misfortune. I'll only be gone two weeks, I hope.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: Two weeks? That's not possible.
Jane Eyre: You have company, sir.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: Very well. But promise me, you'll not stay with this undeserving aunt more than a week.
Jane Eyre: I cannot promise you. She is dying. I cannot set a time on that.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: Of course, you'll go. I haven't got the power to stop you. You must have some money. Can't travel without money. I haven't given you any salary yet, remember? How much have you, Jane, in whole the world?
Jane Eyre: Five shillings, sir.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: Here, take fifty pounds.
Jane Eyre: No, Sir. You only owe me fifteen. I have no change.
Edward Fairfax Rochester: I don't want change, Jane. You know that. Take your wages. [Jane nods no]

Movie: Jane
[after everyone is on board the chopper]
Lt. Jordan O'Neil: All Right! All parties in! Let's get the hell out of Dodge!

Movie: Jane
Jane Goodall: It was probably mostly frustrating because they kept running away. And while chimpanzees are running away from you, you can't really get down to the details of their behavior and in the back of my mind it was always the fear if I don't find out something exciting, the money will run out cause all my earlier observations were either chimps close up running away or sitting on the peak or some other spot and watching them through binoculars.

Movie: Jane
Jane Goodall: The more I learned, the more I realized how like us they were in so many ways.

Movie: Jane