Human Traffic Quotes

Jip: [after discussing the huge phonebill Moff ran up after a drunken phone-sex session] How many times have I told ya, get your own ****ing flat. Get your own flat man, you need your own flat. It's a piece of piss, you can get it on the social.
Moff: [sighs] Where am I gonna go for **** sake?
Jip: I dunno. What the **** do you care? [gestures a wanking hand]
Jip: As long as it's got a ****ing phone-line you're all right ain't ya
Moff: [laughs] **** off you cunt.

Movie: Human Traffic
Moff: I'm making love to the music man. And believe me, I can go all night.

Movie: Human Traffic
TV interviewer: Why do you come to these nights?
Lulu: I'd like to answer that one if I may.
Nina: Sure.
Lulu: To get absolutely trashed.

Movie: Human Traffic