Hollywood Homicide Quotes

[Opens up Gavilan's burger bag only to find that his cheeseburger has lettuce and mayonnaise, and the meat wasn't done enough]
Joe Gavilan: Hey, you. Come here. I see mayonnaise. Did anybody in this hear me say the word "Mayonnaise"? Read your notes. What does it say? "Cheeseburger, well done. Raw onion, ketchup, pickle". You call that well done? In addition to the mayonnaise, I see lettuce... Lettuce that somebody tried to scrape off here. This is a disaster. What the hell do they teach you at the Academy anyway? You wanna be a detective when you grow up?
Cheeseburger Cop: Yes, sir.
Joe Gavilan: Don't call me "sir!" I work for a living. Dump this for me please. I expect better.

Movie: Hollywood Homicide
[inside Lieutenant Macko's office discussing about Gavlian]
I.A. Detective Zino: Here's what we got on Gavilan so far: First of all, he's still seeing Cleo Ricard. In fact, he saw her earlier today.
Lt. Bennie Macko: God, he does this right in my face. He's just completely defiant.
I.A. Detective Jackson: Yeah, well he's clearly continuing to work her as an informant.
Lt. Bennie Macko: Yeah, I know. That's enough to relieve him of duty right there, but, you know, I don't want him relieved of duty. I want him to hang.
I.A. Detective Zino: Well his financials don't add up. He's paying off three ex-wives. He's got two kids.
Lt. Bennie Macko: He's got two kids in a fancy college. He's got a great, big house. He's got that big stupid car, you know? What about his Real-Estate thing?
I.A. Detective Zino: Well, he hasn't made a sale in ages.
Lt. Bennie Macko: Well, my source tells me he's getting money from somewhere to keep it afloat, so get me more surveillance.
I.A. Detective Zino: Okay.
I.A. Detective Jackson: All righty.

Movie: Hollywood Homicide
Joe Gavilan: Goddammit! Idiot! That's it! That's it! I'm driving! That's it!
K.C.: All right, all right fine! You think you can do better? Go ahead, be my guest!
Joe Gavilan: Dammnit! Trying to kill us!
K.C.: All right, go!
Joe Gavilan: Idiot!
K.C.: Go ahead!

Movie: Hollywood Homicide
K.C.: I know you're gonna say it's none of my business, but when's the last time you got laid?
Joe Gavilan: None of your business.

Movie: Hollywood Homicide
Van Family Son: We're gonna die. I know we're going to die.
K.C.: Yes, actually. We, we will die.
Van Family Mom: No, you're not gonna die.
K.C.: I don't mean right now.

Movie: Hollywood Homicide
[last lines]
Joe Gavilan: Looks like we're gonna be here a while. Let's get going on some chow.
Joe Gavilan: [to Cop] Cheeseburger, well done. Onion, pickle, ketchup, no mayonnaise and no rabbit's foot. O.K.?
K.C.: I'll have the same.

Movie: Hollywood Homicide