Heaven's Door Quotes

Ruth Christensen: Grandpa used to say Death was Life's way of saying 'You're fired.'

Movie: Heaven's Door
Julie Taylor: Well, at least... at least Dad didn't suffer.
Ruth Christensen: No, God bless him. He left the rest of us to do that.
Julie Taylor: You just can't forgive him for dying, can you?

Movie: Heaven's Door
Ruth Christensen: I'm not helpless! I'm old!

Movie: Heaven's Door
Julie Taylor: What is it about models that men find so irresistible?
Mitch Hillburn: Everything.
Julie Taylor: [sighs]Even the unattractive ones?
Mitch Hillburn: Which ones are those?

Movie: Heaven's Door
Ruth Christensen: What about YOUR children? They gonna be allowed to believe when they want?
Julie Taylor: I will decide when it's time for them to decide.
Ruth Christensen: Sheep dip.
Julie Taylor: Why?
Ruth Christensen: For the same reason Halloween isn't any fun in a nudist colony.

Movie: Heaven's Door
Leo Taylor: How come it's always the man who has to change?
Ruth Christensen: Because men are the ones that start these problems.
Leo Taylor: It's a good thing we have the women there to... point that out for us.

Movie: Heaven's Door
Julie Taylor: Riley, you know there's consequences.
Riley Taylor: Huh?
Julie Taylor: [sighs]If you actually have this healing power - and I'm not saying that you do - you can't just go around curing anybody who asks for it.
Riley Taylor: Why not?
Julie Taylor: Because, Riley, it's not something you should be in charge of.
Riley Taylor: I'm not in charge of it.
Julie Taylor: You can't just go around acting like God.
Riley Taylor: I thought you didn't believe in God.

Movie: Heaven's Door
Riley Taylor: Kinda hard to play alone, isn't it?
Darley Allen: Yeah, but I always win.

Movie: Heaven's Door
Ruth Christensen: [on phone to Mitch]She'll be there when she gets there, nimrod. [hangs up]
Julie Taylor: Just once, Mom, I wish you'd say what you really mean.
Ruth Christensen: I can't. I'm trying to give up that kind of language.

Movie: Heaven's Door
Mitch Hillburn: [flashing cash]You know, I-I can, uh, I can make it worth your while. R-really worth your while.
Ben Wilson: You should save that for your upcoming medical expenses. You goan NEED it.

Movie: Heaven's Door
Ben Wilson: She healed me. She was the only one that could. That's why you need to believe in her.
Julie Taylor: I do believe in her, but I can't save her.
Ben Wilson: Best ask the one that can.

Movie: Heaven's Door
Ruth Christensen: Come on, you owe me.
Riley Taylor: I do?
Ruth Christensen: Yeah, you do. It says so in the Bible. You have to honor your grandmother and tell her stuff.

Movie: Heaven's Door