Haunter Quotes

Carol: Lisa, you haven't even touched your meatloaf.
Lisa: Meat is murder.

Movie: Haunter
Lisa: It's like mom's pancakes. Every morning she makes them for breakfast. And you're always trying to fix the car, which for some mysterious reason has always stopped running. Then Mac & Cheese for lunch. Then we have meatloaf for dinner. Every night. At 8: 00 we watch Murder She Wrote. We go to bed, wake up tomorrow, and do exact same thing.
Bruce: Well you have school tomorrow, and I have work, so...
Lisa: There is no school. There is no work.
Carol: Then what about your birthday, that's not tomorrow either?
Lisa: No. It never comes. It's always the day before I turn 16. It's pretty frustrating.

Movie: Haunter
[last lines] Lisa: What's out there?
Bruce: Whatever you want there to be.

Movie: Haunter
Pale Man: They only see what I let them see, Lisa. And so do you.

Movie: Haunter
Pale Man: Here we are, the two of us. And it ends the same. History doesn't repeat itself. It rhymes.

Movie: Haunter