Hard Times Quotes

"Zar, Whiskey & Girls: Ghost towns always have names full of promise. You better not let that happen when they name our town.
Mayor Will Blue: We'll call it what we always called it - Hard Times.

Movie: Hard Times
Brown, Territorial Governor's Rep.: Now, you going to have a peace officer. You there!
Deputy Marshal Leo Jenks: Me?
Brown, Territorial Governor's Rep.: Yeah, you're the only one carrying a gun. You ever kill a man?
Deputy Marshal Leo Jenks: Well, yessir, I reckon I did.
Brown, Territorial Governor's Rep.: Good. Here pin that on. [Brown gives Jenks a badge]
Brown, Territorial Governor's Rep.: You are hereby sworn a Deputy Sheriff. You salary is twenty-five dollars a year, payable next year. Now, you'll take up a collection and build a jail. If you get a serious outlaw that ain't dead, write a letter to the capital and we'll put a circuit judge on ya. So here's the town charter, the census list forms and a petition for statehood. Get people to sign that when you ain't busy.

Movie: Hard Times
[Miles sits behind the steering wheel of Hamilton's car]
Miles Jenner: I feel like Scarface!
Hamilton: Hey, Scarface didn't roll on dubs, homey.

Movie: Hard Times
[repeated line]
Control: Negative outcome. Not good.

Movie: Hard Times