Coonskin Quotes

Doorman: This here's where Simple Savior runs his black revolution, brother. Natural black Jesus is the reverend's cousin, too. He gives people the strength to kill whites.
Brother Bear: Kill whites? [to Preacher Fox]
Brother Bear: You hear that shit? [to Doorman]
Brother Bear: Any whites?
Doorman: Yeah, any whites.
Brother Bear: Ain't this a bitch?
Preacher Fox: Anyone we want?
Brother Bear: Ain't this a bitch!
Preacher Fox: Huh. We can kill anyone we want?
Doorman: Any whites.
Preacher Fox: I have one special...
Brother Bear: [Grabs Fox and pulls him to the side] Stop it, Fox. Stop it.

Movie: Coonskin
Sonny: Shut your stupid mouth!
Anna Banana: [effeminate voice] Don't you dare strike me, or I'll tell poppa!
Sonny: Don't start it! If I told poppa what you were doing, he'd break both your arms and legs!
Anna Banana: [effeminate] So, what's wrong with me taking a little kick-back once in a while on my own?
Sonny: [speaks Italian]
Sonny: Money, stupid! We take money, NOT BLOW JOBS!
Anna Banana: You do?
Sonny: The Mafia takes MONEY! Remember us? We're the Mafia!

Movie: Coonskin