Haakon Haakonsen Quotes

"Håkon: You wait till my father gets home. He'll show you.
Ole: You're father's not coming back. He's lost at sea. Håkon: He is not!
Ole: He owes my father so much money, He'd be better off lost.

Movie: Haakon Haakonsen
Håkon: What's Xanadu?
Mary: My Mother said it was the most beautiful place on Earth. Where everybody was happy. But it's only in a book it doesn't really exist.
Håkon: Yes it does.

Movie: Haakon Haakonsen
Merrick: Now you listen here to me, boy. And you listen good. I'm gonna count to three and when I do you're gonna tell me where my treasure is. Cause if you don't, I'm gonna blow your head off.

Movie: Haakon Haakonsen
Mr. Hakonsen: They don't pay a man who is laid up in his bunk. I have come to ask that... If you would extend my loan.
Wernes: How bad is your leg?
Mr. Hakonsen: It doesn't look like I'll be going back to sea.
Wernes: Then I don't see how I can extend your loan any longer.

Movie: Haakon Haakonsen