Guilty by Suspicion Quotes

David Merrill: [about Dorothy Nolan] She was a good wife, a good mother, and you're responsible for her death. She was falsely accused, she couldn't get work, her son was taken away from her - all because of this committee. In the name of ridding the world of Communism, you destroyed her life.

Movie: Guilty by Suspicion
Ruth Merrill: Uh, I'm seeing Dorothy tonight. Paulie's gonna stay at his friends. I thought I'd take her to one of those places out by Malibu.
David Merrill: Malibu, can you afford that?
Ruth Merrill: Can you believe you said that?
David Merrill: No, I'd never say anything like that.
Ruth Merrill: Wanna go?
David Merrill: Sure, do you mind?
Ruth Merrill: Yeah. [she leaves]

Movie: Guilty by Suspicion