Green Quotes

Ethan Green: Leo, you know I'm a mess. I am destined to play Dream Date for the rest of my life and lose.
Leo Worth: Hey, there's one way to win the game, Ethan.
Ethan Green: What's that?
Leo Worth: Stop playing.

Movie: Green
Gilbert Blythe: Psst! Carrots! Carrots!

Movie: Green
Hap Shaughnessy: I quit whaling after my near fatal encounter with the great white whale Moby Richard.
Harold Green: I think you mean Moby Dick.
Hap Shaughnessy: No, I didn't know him that well.

Movie: Green
Larry Musgrove: I got a question.
Sheriff Tom Palmer: That's great! Great, participation! Fire away, big guy!
Larry Musgrove: While you're here, who's giving out speeding tickets and scooping dead animals off the highway?
Sheriff Tom Palmer: All right, no more questions.

Movie: Green
Sir Gawain: I forgot to ask one question during my quick initiation into knighthood.
Humphrey: Oh? What's that?
Sir Gawain: How to relieve myself in this tin suit.

Movie: Green