Great Expectations Quotes

Estella: Before Miss Havisham died, she told me her teachings were false... that love is worth all the suffering and pain that goes with it.
Pip: Do you believe that, Estella?
Estella: You once told me that you loved me, Pip. [They embrace]

Movie: Great Expectations
Estella: I do love the way you dance. [after sleeping with Finn]

Movie: Great Expectations
Finn: I'm not going to tell the story the way it happened. I'm going to tell it the way I remember it.

Movie: Great Expectations
Finn: What's it like not to feel anything?
Estella: Let's say there was a little girl, and from the time she could understand, she was taught to fear... let's say she was taught to fear daylight. She was taught that it was her enemy, that it would hurt her. And then one sunny day, you ask her to go outside and play and she won't. You can't be angry at her can you?
Finn: I knew that little girl and I saw the light in her eyes, and no matter what you say or do, that's still what I see.
Estella: We are who we are. People don't change.

Movie: Great Expectations
Jaggers: [to Pip] For whose sake would you reveal this?...
Pip: For Estella's sake! If Drummle knew, he'd never marry her!
Jaggers: Ah, you'd save her, is that it? You'd drag her into disgrace after twenty years? She's chosen her own life and Drummle - remember that! Oh, if you must save someone, I think you might look a little closer to home.

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Pip: It seems that these past few years I have been harbouring an illusion. More than one, in fact... And you humoured them. You led me on...
Miss Havisham: Yes, I let you go on.
Pip: Was that kind?
Miss Havisham: Who am I, for God's sake, that I should be kind?

Movie: Great Expectations
[welcoming Pip to her decaying mansion]
Miss Havisham: Come nearer. Let me look at you. Come close. Look at me. You aren't afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since before you were born?

Movie: Great Expectations
Estella: All you've done is close a door. But you can't wipe out what there is behind it. Pip, all our lives we walk in darkness. Not understanding who we are, where we come from, or where we are bound. Pip, I am tired of the dark. Tired of not knowing. Of not understanding. Let's open the doors. Open the doors and let in the light.

Movie: Great Expectations
Jaggers: To be guilty, and to be found guilty, are different things.

Movie: Great Expectations
Joe Gargery: London, what a place... Course I wouldn't keep a pig in it myself.

Movie: Great Expectations
Magwitch: [sneaking up behind]Hold your noise! Hold your noise you little devil, or I'll cut your throat! Tell us your name, quick.
Young Pip: I'm Pip.
Magwitch: Once more, give it mouth!
Young Pip: Pip.
Magwitch: Ssh. [pushing the boy down]
Young Pip: Pip, Sir. Don't sir, please!
Magwitch: [turning him upside down]You've got wills on you, boy? You've got wills on ya!
Young Pip: No, sir.
Magwitch: [puts him back on his feet]Come here. What fat cheeks you've got. Darn me if I couldn't eat 'em. Where's your mother?
Young Pip: There, sir. [pointing at the grave]
Young Pip: Also my father, sir. My father and brothers, too.
Magwitch: Orphan, ey? Who do you live with? That's supposing I let you live.
Young Pip: My - my sister, sir. My sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, wife of Joe Gargery, the blacksmith, sir.

Movie: Great Expectations
Jaggers: Estella is not the spider's reward. Estella is his punishment.
Pip: And you arranged it.

Movie: Great Expectations
Estella: Drummle died two years ago. He was kicking his horse, and the horse kicked back.
Pip: I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sorry for anything that brings you sorrow.
Estella: Well, rest assured, I feel none. My husband and I made each other perfectly miserable - just as intended. I have been bent and broken, but I hope into a better shape.

Movie: Great Expectations
[last lines]Estella: I had heard that you were here and thriving, and I had a desire to see my old friend. My only friend.
Estella: Every last minute? You said that you would always think of me.
Pip: And I have.
Estella: That you would think of the good in me.
Pip: Always. You're a part of me, Estelle.
Estella: You were on a ship, they said. On the river...
Pip: I love you, Estelle.
Estella: [a tear of relief]I'm glad.
Estella: [they join hands]

Movie: Great Expectations
Miss Havisham: [angrily]Who am I to be kind?

Movie: Great Expectations