Badmans Territory Quotes

Hodge: Well, Doc?
Doc Grant: I'm afraid he's made his last mistake.

Movie: Badmans Territory
Sheriff Mark Rowley: Johnny, if you were an outlaw camped down there on the creek and saw a posse coming up behind you, what would you do.
Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: I'd head up this cut to open country where a man could use a fresh horse.
Sheriff Mark Rowley: Right! Now, as a deputy sheriff who's figured out the outlaw's next move.
Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: I'd sneak up behind those trees.
Sheriff Mark Rowley: Right!
Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: And pump lead into 'em as they come up.
Sheriff Mark Rowley: Wrong! A good officer don't kill except in self-defense. The saw says every man has a right to a fair trial.
Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: Outlaws? Train robbers?
Sheriff Mark Rowley: And even murderers. No man's guilty until he's convicted. So try to take your man alive.
Deputy Sheriff Johnny Rowley: But what if he shows fight?
Sheriff Mark Rowley: That's different! Shoot and don't miss!

Movie: Badmans Territory