Goodbye First Love Quotes

Sullivan: Camille, you know how tough it is to sleep without you, not to see you when I wake up? I can't live without you.
Camille: Yeah, right.
Sullivan: It sucks you never believe me.

Movie: Goodbye First Love
Camille: Love is all I care about. It's all I live for.
La mÞre de Camille: Spare me.

Movie: Goodbye First Love
Camille: Let's go pick our room.
Sullivan: Not bad. Perfect.
Camille: It's the kids' room. Why not take one that's more spacious?
Sullivan: To avoid searching for you in the bed.

Movie: Goodbye First Love
Camille: Hurry up. I want you.
Sullivan: Sex. Always sex - the only thing you care about. Wouldn't you rather read for a change?
Camille: We have all of our life to be serious. Let's make the most of our youth.
Sullivan: Whatever you say.

Movie: Goodbye First Love
Camille: I don't want you to go. What will I do without you?
Sullivan: You can't put everything on my shoulder. You have to live your life as well.

Movie: Goodbye First Love
Sullivan: I see you still have a monopoly on sensitivity.

Movie: Goodbye First Love