Girltrash: All Night Long Quotes

Tyler Murphy: [to Colby]So... I hear you're gay now?
Daisy Robson: She's not gay.
Colby Robson: Why can't I be gay?
Daisy Robson: Because I'm gay. You're just copying me

Movie: Girltrash: All Night Long
Daisy Robson: It's one thing if I'm gay 'cause I'm like a bad seed but you... oh my god you're like the good egg.
Colby Robson: Well, being the good egg is boring.
Daisy Robson: Well, I'm sorry. That's who you are.
Colby Robson: Well now, I'm a good gay egg. Okay?
Tyler Murphy: Yeah, come on let her be a gay egg.
Colby Robson: Thank you.
Daisy Robson: Colby, you've never even touched your own vagina, let alone anyone else's.

Movie: Girltrash: All Night Long
Lauren: My follow up question is this: what do you think you can do to make up for this selfish and insulting behavior on your part? What are you bringing to the table, Colby? [Colby holds up the plastic bag containing the stolen joints, pills, cocaine, and other narcotics]
Colby Robson: [sheepishly]Uh... party favors?

Movie: Girltrash: All Night Long