Frontier Fugitives Quotes

[first lines] [Dave and Tex ride up to Panhandle who is making smoke signals and chanting incoherently]
Texas Ranger Dave Wyatt: Well, what are you trying to do, Panhandle?
Texas Ranger Panhandle Perkins: Don't you get it, Dave?
Texas Ranger Tex Haines: Sorry.
Texas Ranger Panhandle Perkins: You understand, don't you, Tex?
Texas Ranger Tex Haines: Sure! You're givin' an imitation of a razorback hog stuck in a barbed-wire fence.
Texas Ranger Panhandle Perkins: No, that ain't it at all! We're near Indian country, ain't we? Well, I'm practicin' talkin' Indian, throwin' up smoke signals, practicin' sign language - I'm getting' prepared!
Texas Ranger Tex Haines: Ah, we were only kiddin', Panhandle. Understood every word you said, didn't we, Dave?
Texas Ranger Dave Wyatt: Sure did, and you're dead right - we've got to be prepared. In fact, we'll hold a counsel of war right now.

Movie: Frontier Fugitives