Captain Kidd Quotes

Capt. William Kidd: I hate fat men!
Capt. Bonney: But you're a fat man.
Capt. William Kidd: I hate myself too!

Movie: Captain Kidd
Orange Povey: You cold-gutted shark.
Capt. William Kidd: Ahh!... You're a flatterer.

Movie: Captain Kidd
[from the scaffold]
Capt. William Kidd: So here's me bequest to them what hunts what I have hid and to their sons sons down through the corridors of time: greed that spawns murder; hatred that corrodes the soul; ambition - the foulest strumpet of all.
Heckler at Kidd's hanging: [to hangman] Hey, Dick - Dick Kent. Sell me a bit of that rope for a sixpence will you?
Capt. William Kidd: Save your money, me lads. You can have it all for nothing if you'll only step here and wear it! [to hangman]
Capt. William Kidd: Hurry up, Kent. Can't wait forever.

Movie: Captain Kidd
[last lines]
King William III: Captain Kidd is dead, my Lord Blaine. His account is closed. Now in what manner can I atone for the injustice I worked upon your father? Off with you, First Sea Lord. What do you suggest?
First Sea Lord: We've a fine frigate of 50 guns commissioned for American waters that we thought of naming the Lady Anne.
King William III: It should be a wedding gift to you from the crown for your loyalty and service to King and Country.

Movie: Captain Kidd