Fortress 2 Quotes

Announcer: The payload is nearing the final terminus! [Maniacal laughter]

Movie: Fortress 2
Spy: I never really was on your side.

Movie: Fortress 2
Stiggs, Maddox's Buddy: You're a smart fish! So you two have to pay rent here.
John Henry Brennick: I'm already paying with my time.
Stiggs, Maddox's Buddy: If you don't wanna pay, me and Maddox will gonna colect it from you.
John Henry Brennick: [to D-Day] Maddox is you?
D-Day, the Computer Geek: No.
Stiggs, Maddox's Buddy: Maddox is hard to miss. He have a 187 tattoed is his forehead. Do you know what it means?
Nino Gomez: 187 means he's is a killer and he is here for life.

Movie: Fortress 2