Flying Blind Quotes

Robert: meeting what's his name?
Frankie: What's his name and I finished a couple weeks ago. He cried and said thank you after sex.

Movie: Flying Blind
Frankie: Say something to me in Arabic.
Kahil: Say something to me in Bristol English first.
Frankie: [Frankie moves within an inch of Kahill's lips and softly states]Take your shirt off.
Kahil: [Kahill moves nose to nose with Frankie and says something in Arabic dialog].
Frankie: Which means? [Kahill indicates he is not going to translate]
Frankie: Is there anything you've just said that should stop me from kissing you? [pause]
Frankie: I'll be back in a minute.

Movie: Flying Blind
Kahil: Your fucking work, do you know what your fucking work does? one in fifteen ONE in FIFTEEN for every one target fifteen innocents die weddings tribal elders

Movie: Flying Blind
[last lines]Kahil: You people you think you know everything... YOU know NOTHING
Frankie: You're right

Movie: Flying Blind