Employee of the Month Quote

Russell: Think about it guys, we could be working over there at Maxi-Mart and that place really sucks. Pass me the chips there, eight balls. [Iqbal passes a bulk size bag of chips]
Lon: Plus, I hear they make you wear those house-arrest ankle bracelet things, so they know where you are all the time and if you leave the main floor, you get a little shocker. [Blows a party kazoo]
Russell: True. I knew a guy in upper management, man, went crazy. Strapped one of those things around his hairy ballsack, ran out in the parking lot and blew a three dollar Hawaiian wonder cooler all over the place.
Iqbal: Ids-kay, ids-kay.
Russell: Knocked the little Korean kid right out of shopping basket.

Movie: Employee of the Month


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