Dark Oracle Quotes

Omen: Kali! I have never felt anything for anyone in my entire existence - ink, flesh, and blood remember? But I... I feel something for you.

Movie: Dark Oracle
Lance Stone: Sage, you're not acting like yourself.
Sage: How do you know? Maybe this is the new me. Maybe I changed. Happens all the time you know.

Movie: Dark Oracle
Lance Stone: Dizzy you can't freak out everytime you hear a noise. I mean, these woods are full of bears, foxes, and coyotes.
Sage: I'm ok with animals. Axe murderers I have a problem with.

Movie: Dark Oracle
Sage: So, are we gonna dance with other people or just with each other? Because I was thinking it should just be with each other.
Lance Stone: Why? Do you think other girls are going to mob me? [Sage looks down]
Lance Stone: No, I think we should just dance with each other. Though I have to say, this new jealousy thing is cute.
Sage: What? I'm not jealous.
Lance Stone: Sure you're not.

Movie: Dark Oracle