Damien - Omen II Quotes

Ann Thorn: What are you doing?
Richard Thorn: The daggers must be here somewhere.
Ann Thorn: What you want them for? No! No!
Richard Thorn: He's not human.
Ann Thorn: He's your brother's son, he's a boy you've loved for seven years.
Richard Thorn: The boy has got to die!

Movie: Damien - Omen II
Dr. Kane: Mr. Thorn? They'll be alright. We've checked every boy for lung damages not a sign of it. Now they are gonna be nauseas for a little while but there are no permanent damages...
Richard Thorn: Doctor I don't care what it costs...
Dr. Kane: I assure you Mr. Thorn, they're all receiving the best care. Now there is one thing though, we made every possible test of blood damage, tissue damage and every boy was affected at some level though as I said not seriously. That is every boy except your nephew Damien.
Richard Thorn: Do you mean that...
Dr. Kane: No no no Mr. Thorn. He wasn't affected at all.

Movie: Damien - Omen II
Master Sergeant Daniel Neff: What were you trying to do, Damien? What were you trying to do?
Damien Thorn: I was just answering questions Sergeant.
Master Sergeant Daniel Neff: You were showing off.
Damien Thorn: No. I just knew all the answers. Somehow I knew them all.
Master Sergeant Daniel Neff: You mustn't attract attention.
Damien Thorn: I wasn't trying to. I just felt...
Master Sergeant Daniel Neff: The day will come when everyone will know who you are but that day is not yet.
Damien Thorn: What you mean who I am?

Movie: Damien - Omen II
Paul Buher: Do you know what exactly I do for Thorn Industries?
Damien Thorn: Not really, Sir.
Paul Buher: You should. You should know everything about the Thorn business. After all it will be yours one day.
Damien Thorn: And Mark's!
Paul Buher: And Mark's. Of course.

Movie: Damien - Omen II