Crossing Delancey Quotes

Anton Maes: Hang on to this woman, Lionel. Loyalty like this doesn't walk through the door every day.
Lionel: I guess you've noticed that Izzy has featured you in our window for the past three weeks. When is this much-publicized reading to take place?
Isabelle 'Izzy' Grossman: On the 20th. I'm very loyal to neighborhood authors.
Anton Maes: I'm very loyal to powerful women.

Movie: Crossing Delancey
Bubbie Kantor: [Izzy is cutting string from a package with a chef's knife] Bubbie: Gimme that, gimme that. You don't know how to open up a package. It's, it's good string you're wasting. Such, such nice, heavy paper. Something to save, Miss Fancy.

Movie: Crossing Delancey
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Anton Maes: [People are arriving at an event at a book store. There are sounds of employees greeting them, checking them in, serving champagne. Izzy is collecting empty plastic cups and napkins. She sees a woman put a book from the shelf in her bag, and deftly removes and replaces it. Anton is watching her from across the nook and motions her over. Their eyes lock as she approaches] So, you won't be out of a job. [He plunks down his cup on her tray]

Movie: Crossing Delancey