Conspiracy Quotes

Heydrich: Emigration. The policy that will take the place of emigration, and we have collected enough practical experience to do it well, is evacuation.
Hofmann: Which differs from emigration in what way? Evacuation to where?
Heydrich: Let us postpone that question for a while.
Klopfer: To hell, one hopes.
Lange: Many already have.
Luther: Do they even have a hell?
Heydrich: They do now. We provide it.

TV Show: Conspiracy
Lange: I studied law as well.
Kritzinger: How do you apply that to your profession?
Lange: It has made me distrustful of language. A gun means what it says.

TV Show: Conspiracy
Narrator: What about 60 Minutes? Why haven't it's *hard hitting* news stories hit *hard* at the Canadian Conspiracy?
American Reporter: [interrogation in 60 Minutes style] What do you know about the Canadian Conspiracy?
Morley Safer: Canadian Conspiracy. NO COMMENT!
American Reporter: Mr. Safer. Mr. Safe... MISTER SAFER! We know you're friends with Lorne Greene! Bonanza!

TV Show: Conspiracy