Collateral Beauty Quotes

[last lines] Brigitte: [sitting in hospital hallway]Are you losing somebody?
Madeline: I'm sorry?
Brigitte: Who are you losing?
Madeline: [breath trembling]Um, my daughter.
Brigitte: Just make sure you notice the collateral beauty.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Amy: [as the personification of Love]I know you don't believe me, but you have to trust me.
Howard: Trust you? Trust you?
Amy: Yes!
Howard: I *did* trust you! And you betrayed me! I saw you every day in her eyes, and I heard you in her voice when she laughed, and I felt you inside of me when she called me Daddy. And you betrayed me! You broke my heart.
Amy: No. I'm in all of it. I'm the darkness and the light, I'm the sunshine and the storm. Yes, you're right, I was there in her laugh, but I'm also here now in your pain. I'm the reason for everything. I am the only why. Don't try and live without me, Howard. Please don't.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Amy: [to Howard as the personification of Love]You said goodbye, and that... [sighs]
Amy: We don't get to choose who we love or who loves us back. And that means you're powerless to me as long as you're alive, because I'm the fabric of life. I'm within you. I'm within everything. Howard, if you can accept that, then maybe... I don't know, but maybe you get to live again.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Brigitte: But you never know, nothing's ever really dead if you look at it right.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Claire: What was that thing you said about Einstein in there?
Raffi: Einstein called time a stubbornly persistant illusion.
Claire: Whats that even mean
Raffi: Time doesn't go from January to December, or from noon to midnight. You know we all just make it that way in our heads.
Claire: That's absurd! Try telling that to a person who's an hour late to a wedding, or that's just been sentenced to 20 years in jail.
Raffi: Or someone fighting the baby clock.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Raffi: [as the personification of Time]Time, they say you heal all wounds, but they don't talk about how you destroy all that's good in the world, how you turn beauty into ash. Now that's some bullshit, Howard. Now, if love is creation and death is destruction, I'm just the terrain in between. You don't understand time, no one understands time. Einstein was close when he said I was just an illusion.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Howard: [to Brigitte, personification of Death]I've heard all of your platitudes. I got them, I know. She's in a better place. And, This is all a part of a master plan. Heard that one, too. Here's my favorite. God looked down and saw the most beautiful rose, so beautiful that he picked it to have it in Heaven all for Himself. Then there's the science, biocentrism, and we're all living and dying in infinite universes all at the same time. And then the religion, the Christians and their salvation, and the Buddhists and their Samsara, and the Hindus and their 41st sacrament. And can't forget the poetry. Oh, the poetry. To die is different from what anyone supposed and luckier. Whitman. And, Rage... Rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right. Thomas. And then...
Howard: [singing]Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream Merrily, merrily merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! I got it. I got it! It all basically says that you're a natural part of life, we shouldn't hate you, we shouldn't fear you. I guess we should just accept you, right? That's it? I get it. Here's the thing. It's all a bunch of intellectual bullshit because she's not here holding my fucking hand.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Whit: Why don't you want to spend the holiday with me? I miss you.
Allison: Because I hate you. Because you're a philanthropist. Because you broke Mom's heart.
Whit: Philanderer.
Allison: What?
Whit: The word you're looking for is philanderer, not philanthropist. They have a slightly different meaning.
Allison: Well, you would know.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Brigitte: Death is so much more vital than Time.
Simon: Right.
Brigitte: Death gives Time all of its value.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Raffi: Your children don't have to come from you. They go through you. So, I wouldn't consider the battle with time over just yet.
Claire: I thought time wasn't linear. I thought it was an illusion.
Raffi: Maybe that was just bullshit, Claire. Maybe that was just acting. [walks away]

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Claire: I just... Look, uh, this doesn't feel right.
Simon: I know. But when something starts with a six-year-old dying, nothing is gonna feel right.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Allison: I can't believe you're gonna stalk me. But, um... Just so you know, tomorrow's a half-day.
Whit: Well, I'll be here then.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Simon: You know, when I was younger, I used to think, you really wanna live to be 100 years old? You know, like a shriveled up raisin. And the answer to that now is yes. Because my son would be 70, his son would be 40, and his son would be 10. And I would be the man, you know. Pops. Could get used to that, you know.
Brigitte: See you around, Pops.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Howard: Death came first. She met me in the dog park.
Madeline: Oh, so Death is a her?
Howard: Uh, yeah. It turns out Death is an elderly white woman.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Brigitte: [from the trailer][as the personification of Death]
Brigitte: People write letters to the universe all the time... most don't get a response.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Brigitte: Who won? You or the porcelain?

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Howard: [from the trailer][Brigitte shows up beside him in the subway]
Howard: You're not going to take me, are you?
Brigitte: [as the personification of Death]No, Howard. [holds up a train card]
Brigitte: I'm here to ride the F Train.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Raffi: [from the trailer][as the personification of Time]
Raffi: Remember me... I'm Time... I'm a gift... and you're wasting it.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Howard: [arguing with Raffi the personification of Time]No, this is hell: being without her.

Movie: Collateral Beauty
Raffi: [as a personification of Time]You got something to say?
Howard: [Dismissive]Oh yeah I've got a lot of things I'd like to say to you
Raffi: Well say it... Say It [scoffs]
Raffi: You see... You See you just waste time... I give you a gift... and you just Waste It
Howard: [losing his patience]I... Don't... Care... About... Time! This Is A Prison Sentence! [Throws Time's skateboard away]
Howard: I Don't Want Your Gift! [Points at Time]
Howard: Because You *Took* Hers!

Movie: Collateral Beauty